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Dec 17, 2004
Ok, i can get all my windows tinted for £140, is that a good price?

Im also looking to get an abrth symbol vinyl down the side in white

the car is scilla red, what do you all think?
Not sure on the window tinting price as ive never really looked into having it terms of the big are you talking? Personally not having an Abarth dont think id be inclined to do it, and if i did have one im not a graphic person so id still say dont do it
If u think it looks good i think you should get it.

Who care sif it is a 1.2 or whatever, i know some people here think that abarth signs are reserved only for abarths but the Abarth is so much more then a model in a range of Stilo's it's a spirit that belongs to all us Fiat owners so if somone wants to show that spirit then fine, it just means that he'll have to work harder to keep up with his looks!!!!
I think Ive been talked out of it all, save some money up to be a classy car in the near future!
Thanks anyway ppl :D
Well ive just fitted my very subtle spoiler (and i mean subtle) but i think it really sets the car off!
looks to me like I'll hace to get the old digicam out again. i'm at work today so I'll post some pics tonight

Im not cleaning my car first though, its too cold lol