This guide is intended to assist you in removing the Door card on a Grand punto which has the Evo Style Door cards ( evo and the new 2012 model)

Anyhow its very similar to the mk1 Grande however fiat have moved some of the fixings and added a couple.......

so first read of the top half of this:


tools needed

pz2 screw driver (pozzi)

T40 Torx driver

5mm Alan key

small slotted screw driver

So first remove the 2 pozzi screws


Then use a small flat screw driver to remove the screw caps from the door handle recess and the door opener lever

Next in the door handle use a T-40 torx driver and remove this machine screw


now grip the handle section and pull it up carefully


and unplug the 2 cable multi plugs

Now remove the 5mm Alan key bolt


then look in the door handle recess you will see 2 more torx bolts


and thats all the fixings out

now you need to pull it up from the bottom corners to release all the press fit clips

once loose shove it upwards as it hooks over the top of the door next to the window

once released lower carefully preferably onto a blanket to avoid scratching the door card

then disconnect the tweeter cable and the door open cable as per the above link

and there you are one door card removed :)