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events/crusies near me

Sep 14, 2007
borats house
Does anyone know of any cruises/meets/events near me that wont be listed on this forum.

I live in a little village called Snaith.

Its near to York, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Wakefield :confused:.


Fast n Modded is in hull.. and looks to be a BIG event with confirmed convoys from
1 - donny cruise
2 - rother cruise
3 -
4- modded madness
5 - uniqstyling
6 - brid-cruise
7 - ModdedCruizers.Com
8 - ponty cruise
9 - Real Cruisers
10- unique show cars
11- elite cruisers
12- modified barnsley
13 - HullCruise
14 - UKmodifiedridez
15 - bev cruise

but its the day before this even BIGGER event of the winter season..


Myself, GrandeJ and Dan-The-Man will be at sexpesting :) its gonna be good!
no they shouldnt, its not that good.

dan's sig of what i said about some donuts at mitcar is well more amusing. fosho.

anyway... you really wanna get down to so cruises.. sign up to any of the cruise sites i listed as going to fast n modded halloween cruise and make yourself some new friends!

innit funny that as im saying that.. im reading through books about virtual communities and trying to write an essay about how virtual communities are second rate communities! not my words.. its a quote and ive gotta talk about it for an essay on my new media module :) its great.. on tuesday.. in a seminar.. we just played on facebook and second life!