Evening, All.

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Evening, All.


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Oct 1, 2007
Yeadon, W. Yorks.
Good evening all,
Picking up my Scudo tomorrow - my new works van. Probably not the most exciting post you'll ever read, but, Hey!, it's a Fiat. Or Citroen. Or Peugot. Or something......:)

Seems quite lively and the power steering's not bad. What'll happen when it's full of domestic appliance spares and a couple of washing machines, I don't know - fingers crossed.

I hope you're as friendly as the other forum I post on (SAAB Central - run a 99 as a rolling resto project); we're all car nuts in the end.

For my sins, I did own a Fiat 126 many years ago and have to confess, I didn't like it much. Especially the bit when I spun it onto the middle of a roundabout in the rush hour on the A10. It was raining at the time.

Be seeing you,