Technical Error Code C1121 Valve Relay

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Technical Error Code C1121 Valve Relay

Aug 27, 2006
Intermittently when the ABS control unit has had time to get really hot after a run then standing for a whilethe EBD fault condition is shown Both ABS and handbrake on lights on together. f anyone has a spare unit I would be interested.
Also can anyone confirm all cars use the same ABS it looks as though the control is in 2 parts, electronics and pump. does anyone know which part the valve relay is in? The car was built in July 2000 as bot parts changed in the production life of the Marea. I still like the car 21 years after buying it and its so useful I would like to fix it.
ps probably the insulation in the relay coil is breaking down when it gets hot.


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Jan 18, 2012
It seems only the electronic unit could be at fault, local shops sell repair service for 190€ and they just take the electronic unit.
Code example for fault C0121.
Seems some could also be pulled from B series Vectra as there is no connection to ECU or coding needed.
BTW, both lights on means it cannot do front/rear load balancing and rear brakes might lock a bit unexpectedly according to manual.