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General Engine Management!!!!!


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Sep 29, 2005
hey there everyone, hope u all had a good x-mas and new year.

I ave a 2002 fiat punto jtd elx with 56k on the clock, as i was accelerating away from a junction the engine all of a sudden cut out with engine management light flashing. There was no initial indication that it was going to cut out, it wasn't spluttering or nethin like that. I ended up parked in the first lane of a dual carridgeway as there is no hard shoulder, lol causin tail backs. The recovery towed the car to a safe place and just opened the bonnet and told me to try and start the car. Amazingly it started first time and i managed to drive it back home(30miles), without ne problems.

Just wondering if ne1 has had a similar problem before and if it is serious.

that sucks mate, i heard you caused quiet a tail back too :p
awesome fiat electrics strike again :D

fiat have anything to say on it?
nah man, they said that they could do a diognostics checks at the cost of £40 and it might not even bring bck a problem, all the fiat guy said to me was that there might be a problem adn the system shut itself before the actual problem occured. Yet the car started up 20 mins later, goin to the dealer is like :bang:. lol