Technical Engine Management Light Flashing

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Technical Engine Management Light Flashing


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Oct 15, 2007

i hope all of you are well!

I have a 2003 Fiat Punto 1.2 Active, been driving it for about a year now with no problems, but a few days ago, the engine management light came one, first was solid when i turned the car off, but now is flashing when I drive it. i checked the car manual - its says get it checked out, which I have done at my local garage - The guy ran a Diagnostic, he said nothing is wrong with the car.

What I can’t understand is, why is it still flashing? The car is driving v.good, just like before. Do i go to my local Fiat dealer and spend £50 another Diagnostic test? Leave it a week to see if the car corrects itself?

I just don’t want to wake up one morning and my car die on me.

Sorry, I’m thick when it comes to cars!!

Any kind of help would be gratefully appreciated. (y)
Try an ecu re-set if he said there is nothing wrong, Disconect the battery for over 30mins, clean the terminals and fire it up. If it still comes on then id recomend a trip to the dealership.
There is only one legislated reason for a flashing MIL and that is for cat damage misfire. Bit strange you cant feel it as it will be around 25% (one cylinder out). Suggest a trip to the garage is a good Idea, you don't want to have to fit a cat.