Technical Electrical gremlin urgent help required!

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Technical Electrical gremlin urgent help required!


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Nov 21, 2010
Dunfermline, Scotland
My CLX has started having an issue the last 2 nights where when I turn the lights on I get a buzzing noise from the dash all lights except headlights come on and fuel gauge shoots up to max.

I have recently changed the lambda sensor and this had no impact, put spade connectors onto the horn wires and fitted that successfully again no impact. However I didn't tape the spade connectors on and one came loose Sunday night which initially led to this problem. Disconnected the other one spade connector from the horn and problem solved , initially just put it down to the horn and resolved to refit it at a later stage.

However, having changed nothing else since, the problem has returned tonight.

Without switching the lights on it's fine, but as I finish work at 9pm my car will have to stay there until I get it fixed. I don't have the opportunity to drive it in non darkness hours to get it home before Friday, so any pointers would be great as I'll be walking 2 miles to work and back until I get it fixed :(
I would check all your earthing points. All Pandas seem to suffer from time to time, with the lights / dash being the most obvious (they're right in front of you).
dragonMan has a few posts about the various issues and fixes for electrical issues and some easy to follow instructions that point to all of the earthing locations.

The 'hedgehog' earthing points need to make good contact for all of the cables feeding them. Its worth taking each cable off in turn, cleaning the surfaces, greasing liberally and replacing. Start with the 2(?) under the bonnet. (y)
Had a look at those posts, probably an earth problem I have from what is described there thanks. Just wondering why it seems to have manifested itself just now, seems a coincidence.
Fixed! Was the earth connection near o/s headlight. Forgot I'd loosened it as I was planning to install horn bracket there, was still loose, tightened and job done. Thanks folks :)