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General Door Problem


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Oct 11, 2007
Hi, just registered.

I bought a FIAT yesterday from a private seller - 03 Stilo - and the passenger door seems to be stuck.

It was opening yesterday from the inside - but the mrs has it today and she's just said that it now won't open all together.

The manual's in the car, so just wondering whether anybody know off the top of their head whether there's a button she may have pressed that would mean she couldn't even open it from inside.

Is this a common problem?

Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Did she engage the deadlocks when she locked it? ie with double press of remote.
On some earlier stilos the locks have had deadlock issues, i'm not sure exactly what causes the breaks/fails though.

I had my passenger one do the same. only fix was a new lock. If you can manage to get the door card off which is fiddly with door shut but possible you maybe able to access the lock.

I had mine done at the dealers but saved on labour costs by removing the doorcard myself first. still was about £150.
Did you get your door fixed mate? I had a sticky door lock when unlocking after it had been deadlocked. Back in my niave days of Stilo ownership, the dealer said I needed new batteries for the remote! Paid to have the batteries replace, and to be honest the door has worked fine, still convinced this is a coincidence mind you.
Hmmm had this problem myself, a while ago my passenger door decided to stop working and wouldnt open, it did randomly start working again but both a Fiat garage and an Independant garage diagnosed the central locking motor in the door was on the way out! Got it replaced at about £175 and never looked back!