Dodgy Sei

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Dodgy Sei

has orange (mk1) indicators. also has a sporting badge on the back - says SX in listing
MPI interior with the digital dash, cut and shut?
The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for LL52 BFX are:

Date of Liability 31 07 2004
Date of First Registration 29 01 2003
Date of Last V5 Issue 16 11 2005
Year of Manufacture 2003
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1108CC
CO2 Emissions 155g/Km
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Unlicensed
Vehicle Colour BLACK
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate £68.75
12 Months Rate £125.00


I reckon its been bought as salvage and repaired over Christmas.
bloody hell, according to that dvla site a 6month tax ticket for my scim is £97!!!!! Punto for a year is £110 I think!! jesus. thats like £4 a week!!! :mad: