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Mar 3, 2004

I have recently got hold of a digital dash and would like some advice on how to install it and replace my analogue dials.

I am have trouble removeing the boost hose and speedo cable



p.s the picture is the rear of the digi dials


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The speedo cable should have an outer plastic part that you squeeze while pulling, and then it should pop off. There's two bits 180 degrees from each other that you should be able to feel while your hand is at the back of the dashboard. I assume the turbo uses the same type of speedometer cable as all the other Unos? :confused:

The boost hose I think is just a piece of rubber pipe. If it's got old it has probably gone hard making it difficult to pull off. What you could do is cut the pipe near to the union on the dashboard, and then you can use a knife to cut the remaining part off from the dashboard.

It might even be an idea to replace the whole pipe anyway with some silicone piping that you can by cheaply from an Aquarium specialist.

From what I remember, the digital dials connect up exactly the same as the analogue dials. I'm sure you just replace the speedo, boost gauge pipe and multi pin sockets on the digi dash exactly as you would on the analogue dashboard.

Hope this helps!
Can't help here I'm afraid, as I haven't any experience of the digital dash :(

Does the turbo charger have some kind of sensor for measuring boost? I'm wondering if it uses a similar system to the vacuum econometer, where a vacuum pipe runs to an electrical sender, which then converts the boost to an electrical signal to pass on to the dashboard.

Maybe the turbo with a digital dashboard has a seperate electrical sender for the boost gauge? :confused:

Have you tried looking for differences in the Haynes/ Porter manuals wiring diagrams?
Just had a peek in the wiring diagrams, and can't come up with anything I'm afraid.

Only thing I can suggest is to look for a small pipe that runs from the turbo charger unit, and see where it runs to. If it runs to the ECU, then there must be an electrical output to send to the dashboard.

As yours didn't originally have an electronic dashboard, try tracing the boost gauge pipe from the dashboard back into the engine bay and see where it leads to. Might give you a clue as to whether anything is measuring boost (ECU?), or if it goes straight to the turbo charger unit.:idea:
I also had a look at the porter wiring diagrams the other day, and came up with nothing too :(.

However, My MK1 sleeper has an original digital dash – well original to the engine and ECU. I will have a look one day and try and compare wires. I may get away without pulling out the digi dials. I want to get the car running before I start pulling bits off ;). Maybe if I could photograph my ECU it will answer you’re question :confused:.

Regards All,
ts86 said:
Is this a digital dash like in the Tipo?

Would it just plug straight in then on my Mk2 carb'd Uno?

Physically it is totally different, but it uses the same principle as the Tipo digital dash by using LED's instead of analogue gauges.

Only problem is that I think they only made them for the mk1. If that is the case you won't be able to fit the dash into your mk2 unless you convert the whole dashboard over to a mk1. Not only that, but the wiring/ connectors might be different, though I'm not sure.

However, the analogue turbo dash will fit straight into a mk2, but some of the gauges won't work because the carb Uno doesn't have the senders for oil pressure, oil temperature or a way of sending boost pressure to the boost gauge. The tachometer will work after adding one wire from the coil to the appropriate connection on the dash.

If you can find one, the mk2 SX dashboard will fit and all the gauges will work fine (again, one extra wire needed for the tacho). Louie fitted one to his mk2 Start and it looks great (y)