General Differences between Fiat and Lancia engines and gearboxes


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Jun 28, 2006
As you all know that they have pretty much the same 2l engines since 1982 but the Lancia`s 2l engine always had a few hp and NM more than Fiat`s.

EX: 1982 Beta coupe 2000ie 122bhp@5500 and 175NM@2800
1984 Argenta 2000ie 120bhp@5300 and 172NM@3500
1991 Tipo 2000 16v 145bhp@6250 and 173NM@5000
1993 Thema 200016v 152bhp@6500 and 178NM@3500
As you can see the power difference isn`t big but the difference between maximum torque rpm is quite impressive. Is it all about software engine management or the Lancia engine were slighty mechanicaly modified? From your own experience or from what you`ve heard, are they more reliable also? Plese post your opinions and examples to sustain them.