derailed, final destination 3

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derailed, final destination 3

Seen Derailed. I liked it, not as you expect it to be. Local paper said there was no chemistry between Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston - think they watched it from the wrong angle!
Id like to see derailed but not sure on final destination 3, the first one was great the second wasnt as good so think the third might be pants. from the previews glad i saw them before i went on the rides in florida for two weeks lol
just got back from seeing final destination 3!.. wasnt supposed to see this but had a bit of change of plans and had to go to a different cinema... Anyway.. its very funny and ridiculous in most places..alright all throughout the film your laughing...only thing is, is that its really gruesome! (n) but if you like that kinda thing then hey ho! ... there was loads of chavs tho!