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General Croma engine running


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Sep 22, 2007
Hello all
As a newbie I would like to see if anyone out there has experienced engine problems like mine. I own a Croma 1.9 16 valve multijet 150 and it has an intermittent problem when idling. At times it idles unevenly with an associated lack of throttle response at low rpm.
I've had the same problem with mine. It's only happened once or twice though. I stopped at some lights and the revs dipped at tickover. As soon as i accelerated it was extremely sluggish, but after a few second it came alive again. Thought it may be blocked injectors or dirty fuel and didn't think much about it until now. Mine's in the garage at the mo for a shaking problem at speed, so i'll ring them and get them to check for any other faults while it's in there.
not same problem but what about hot weather ambient temp about 20 degrees. When i stop and the engine is hot and it is restarted within 10 mins get vibrations and msifiring from engine and stalls. next start is ok or if left for 30 mns plus.