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General Cracked foglight


Mr Pedantic
Mar 2, 2005
Was washing the car today (in the rain!) and noticed that the offside front foglamp was cracked. :( Probably done by a stone. This is particularly annoying as I've never even used the foglights! This won't be covered by warranty, so does anyone know how much a foglamp will cost me? Is it even worth getting it replaced? There's a couple of stone chips on the front spoiler already. :( Not had the car 3 months yet. Done over 4500 miles though.
It's noticable! The glass/plastic is still in place, but it's shattered. Not just a crack really.
Try getting your hands on a front fog light off a Vauxhall Corsa from your local scrap yard. I have been told they are the same size.

Mine is the same H. I am waiting for a singular one to pop up on fleabay or a sei to be breaking in the local area
from desira diss, there are now 2 types of foggys, for early pandas (like mine) part number 5171331 - £55 inc vat

for later cars ( yours i think h) - £57 inc vat

£5 del

they would need a chassis number to confirm which as there is a slight variation to confirm which to order.

oh, and as you can guess from price, it's a whole unit...sheesh:rolleyes:
I saw after I'd posted that there are two parts on ePer. It seems strange that there are "early" and "late" models already. I wonder what changed?
constant upgrades? slights changes after receiving reports in from the dealer network? who knows, i have for example, got a micro fiche for the tub, which says 12th edition!!!! this after the car has been out for at the time, 3 years. so it must be a constant evolution of the model, trying to put things right, or improve.
The very late Coupes came with different trims and parts, all seemingly dependant of whatever parts Fiat had left to bolt together! I wonder if this is the same philosophy across all their models.
"We've run out of Panda front foglights"
"Don't worry, just bolt on some off a Corsa until we get more in stock" :rolleyes:
I notice in one of the car magazines last week (can't remember which one) that Fiat had leaked their model roadmap until 2010.

It showed, amongst other things, that the Panda was getting a refresh and makeover mid 2007. So, it will all change yet again!
Let's drag up an old thread! :p (It's relevant though)
While washing the car yesterday I noticed that a small piece of the foglight glass has now fallen out, so the bulb is exposed to the elements. It still works though. Shop4Parts has the light for about £50 including VAT and delivery.

Has anyone changed the foglight? Is it difficult/awkward?