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Mar 16, 2002
Cornwall, United Kingdom.
In that case I shall plug Clubcento :)
It's the UK owners club for Cinquecentos and Seicentos and the website can be found at The club have held track days, rallies, economy runs etc and a lot more is bound to happen in the future. 20 quid a year and all renewals are in Feb of each year.

Also, working with the club is UAD Motorsports ( who do 'cento 1242cc Turbo coversions (featured in Auto Italia) and 1242cc normally aspirated conversions, polished and powder coated cam covers and oil cooler kits and more

Clubcento, the car club for Cinq's and Sei's


The car club for Cinquecentos and Seicentos.
Clubcento has been running now for about 4 years, we have over 300 members nationwide. Our events have included track days at Donington, Cadwell Park and Anglesea. We attend Auto Italia Events and Shows as VIP's and get to strut our stuff in the Concourse De Elegance with the Ferraris, Lambos and Maseratis.
We have many convoys for charity and such, the last convoy was Lands End to John O'Groats and we raised over £7000 for charity. We also have non-car related events such as karting and museum visits. There is a club magazine that is issued several times a year.

The people that run Clubcento are very devoted and give up their spare time to run the successful club. It's £20 to join and is worth every penny, for my £20 last year I got free food at each event(7), 17 laps round Cadwell Park free, 10 laps round Donington Park for free, now you can't say fairer than that.

Hope you join soon. Go to:

Kaz Andrews

Girl Racer!!!!!
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Shouldn't it rather be "Clubcento, the British car club for Cinquecento's and Seicento's." ?

Kind regards from Denmark,
Søren C. Fischer
Greetings from the Greek ClubCento... :)
(we are not assosiated with the other clubcentos) : the GReek site for Sei & Cinque
I've just joined this club and been made very very welcome! Anyone with a Cento should get in touch:D

Black 96P Cinq Sporting
Re: Clubcento, the car club for Cinq's and Sei's

RedSei said:
what of the irish division?
Because that name has been registered it will cost the club a lot of money to re-register it with Ireland bit on it but we of course do have an Irish club officer and his details will be in the new centochat mag.
Re: Clubcento, the car club for Cinq's and Sei's

Just a reminder to Cento folks out there that the new membership year for Clubcento started on 1st of Feb so if you were thinking of joining - join now for maximum value for your £20 subs!

For those people on here who have sent in forms - I'm processing them as we speak - and they should be with you by 12 February (depending on reliability of Royal Mail!).

Em :D
As far as I can see lots of us are on both forum's it's another place to hang out and talk Fiat.

I love this forum due to it's all things Fiat. Old and New.(y)
Clubcento Calender of Events 2009

The UK ‘cento Owners Club
Run by Enthusiasts FOR Enthusiasts


We have now finalised our 2009 Calendar of Events and are happy to announce that we are now opening up our events to non-club members.

We would therefore like to invite all 500 owners and enthusiasts along to any of our events.
As some of our events are subsidised by the club as a benefit to our members there will be a member and non-member cost for these events. You can of course join whenever you wish in order to benefit from these subsidies amongst other club benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events



Sunday 25th - CADBURYWORLD - Birmingham
Meet from 10:30 am - Factory tour at 1:00 pm
Price for group booking normally £9.50 each, NEW YEAR OFFER £4.95 EACH !!
Contact: Andre Tel: 01438 728358 / Email: [email protected]



Meet at 10:30 am - Entry is free. Lunch will be provided but maybe not in the museum. A committee meeting will be held at the museum, time to be advised.
Contact: Andre (details as above)



Will be held in the Milton Keynes area with probably Karting involved. Further details as they become available.
Contact: Rob Whitney - Email: [email protected]



Italian car day at Brooklands museum in Surrey. Lunch provided by the club.
Contact: Andre (details as above)



All makes of Italian cars parked in the narrow roads in an old part of the city. Great atmosphere and free !! Exact date when released.
Contact: Rob Whitney (details as above)



Sunday 7th STANFORD HALL - AUTO ITALIA - Leicestershire
Always a well attended event with many people opting to stay the Saturday night
and meet up for a pre-arranged meal
Contact: Andre (details as above)



Visit to Beamish. Local Road Run, possible Karting/track time at Teesside Autodrome
Contact: Emily Bentley Tel: 07702 819408 / Email: [email protected]



MITCAR - Midlands Italian Car Day
Exact date will be advised when available.
Contact: TBC

29 - 30th - 24 HOUR ENDURANCE KARTING - Teesside
Details are already posted on the forum events thread.
Contact: Emily Bentley (details as above)



Saturday 10th - 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!
Beaulieu to Brooklands. A return to the place where Clubcento first started. Arrive on Friday, spend Saturday at the National Motor Museum and on Sunday drive to Brooklands. Further details will become available early 2009.
Contact: Andre (details as above)

Further details for the above events will be posted on our website and discussed on our forum
Clubcento - The UK Small Fiats Club

You may be asking what is Clubcento all about?

The Club is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, to promote ownership and interest in the smallest of modern FIATs, and more specifically centos (meaning hundred in Italian), which include the Cinquecento, the Seicento, and its next generation, the Panda and New 500.

We endeavour to provide a varied service appealing to anyone who owns or has an interest in these cars; offering events, information, technical support and access to a whole network of other cento-mad people. We hope that you will join us and become part of ′the family′

Most of us own a cento, some of us own several and some of us used to but we are all enthusiastic about them in some way. Some members are involved in motorsport or track days in their centos, others are into the customised scene, and others love more traditional events such as family days out and classic car shows (hey, they are little modern classics!).

All interests are represented in the Club and you do not need a modified cento to be in Clubcento, you will find our members have centos of all types and tastes, from well-used family runabouts, to tarmac-tearing track monsters. It′s often the pristine stock-standard examples that get the biggest wow-factor at Club meets!

We have lots of national, regional and social meets throughout the year including car festivals, track days, holidays, motor museums, nights out, meals, go-karting, paintball...the list goes on!

Members also receive exclusive discounts with retailers and insurers (which can easily exceed the £20 membership fee) plus free technical advice, a regular newsletter, access to the Club′s internet forum and loads of new friends!

All ages and families welcome.

For more info about joining, contact Emily our Membership Secretary ′Emspem′ on the forum, call on 07702 819408 or email on [email protected]