Grande Punto Clean & Shiney :D


I've not been in this section for a while so i thought it was about time i took some more pics and show my baby off again. Its been a october since i lasted posted in this section, but now i have a few little mods on the car :D

Since August 2008 i have added some
Side skirts
Silver tech indicator bulbs
Power white headlight bulbs
Centre section box has been replaced with a stainless piece :)

Not much but it adds to the list in the near future im gonna

Lower it 30mm
Put some sporting wheels on
Stainless steel exhaust
And possibly GSR :D






Any comments would be great :D thanks (y)
erm...... it has a slight difference on idle sound, and apprently it sounds a bit raspeir from the rear. my mate was following me the other day and he said it sounds awsome. dunno if he just saying that to make me happy or cos it actually does :D im having the full exhaust staingless steal flexi pipe back for £220
Looking good, very clean. But why have you put the vinyl on the front without matching the top grille? :confused: Litterally a half an hour job :D
lol i will be doing. its not vynal at front its a spray job :D and im waiting for my mate to come back from holiday and then i can get it done :) i know im a mechanic but last time i painted something, it went horribly wrong :( lol