General cinq failed MOT, but not all bad

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General cinq failed MOT, but not all bad

Aug 26, 2007
I took my cinq to get the MOT after I played with it a little first just to see what was wrong

IT passed on handbrake (y)

But failed on:

*rear hub bake plate rusted
*rear brake efficiency down -new pistons then
*Emissions -filter was clogged to crap and .....
*exhaust had a hole, am tempted to putty it unless anyone has a stainless they want to get rid off?

So overall not to bad, retest booked next week, will give a service too now.
Air filter £2.24 (std for the moment)
Brake fluid £2.75
Exhaust putty £1.50 (although I think I need a new zorst)
Front pads and discs £30
Rear brake cylinders £4.94 each
Spark plugs (take the same as my MR2 so got some from my sponsor):slayer:

Damn I love this car!! (and trade discount :p)

Not long now and it'll be ready for the retest, it needs a good blast to clear out for the emmisions but it has no tax at the moment, would idling be ok or does it need a damn good ragging - sainsburys car park style.
For the emissions add some redex as well, it will help with the revomal of the the carbon build up in your engine, then give it a good 10-20 mile rag lol Im not too sure about just leaving it to idle i surpose sainsburys would be better, but dont u have no tax?????
Its been stood a while so had no MOT or tax, am waiting for the documents before I can renew it. I have a trailer so can trailer it to the local ragging establishment/carpark.