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Technical cinq engine removal

Sep 11, 2004
Coventry (near Birmingham
did a search and noticed there is no guide, ive read what you have to do in the sticky section but for me as a novice its not much help :confused:

any way want to prepair my car for an engine conversion - losen all the necessary nuts ect.


Undo the lower strut to hub bolts on both sides. ehh where is this?

so was woundering if people can help me out with pics advice ect, feel free to add me to msn but be warned i am a NOVICE

then Remove the inner CV boot securing clips on the big ends :confused:

or is some one wants to do a guide with pics im sure we would get a lot more 1242 cinqs

cheers (y)
BUY A HAYNES MANUAL! if your doing this job you will need it anyway for reference and things such as torque settings
ive got one but i says remove the lower strut - it only says strut in the manual is that the only strut on the car???? just woundered seen as it said lower, making me think there is another :eek:

just stupid things like that :D

Undo the lower strut to hub bolts on both sides

These are the bolts at the bottom of the front suspention shock absorbers. there is 2 large bolts that hold the shocks to the wheels (technicaly its not to the wheels but im being non technical and it makes it easier).

undo these 2 bolts so the shock is hanging free and you can move the brake disks about. It might actually be easier to remove the shock absorbers completly as they might get in the way later. there are 3 bolts on each side of the engine bay holding them in. 13mm socket and there out

then Remove the inner CV boot securing clips on the big ends

This is basicaly detatching the drive shafts from the gearbox. if you look behind the brake disks you will see a shaft that goes up and connects to the gearbox. there is a rubber cover over the end of the drive shaft. remove the clip holding it on and pull back the cover.

now just possition the hub (brake disk) to the side as far as you can and you should be able to pull out the drive shaft from the gearbox. leave it attatched to the hub and just possition the shaft out of the way. cover the ends with a plastic bag or something, they will be all nasty and greasy.

that covers those 2 points :)

report back when youve done those 2 :p
when it says lower strut.. it means lower strut bolts.. there are upper strut bolts as in bolts at the bottom (lower) and bolts at the top (upper) :p there is only one strut on each side.
Just one slight question, if you are only a novice why on earth are you attempting to remove the engine? Have you checked you have all the tools? You dont even have the manual ,that refers to items in the pictures.
I managed with hardley any experience or knowledge. just have a nack at quessing how things go and work, and im pretty good at learning as I go.

msut admit though, the haynes manual is essential. I didnt use it for alot of stuff but when you get stuck its a big help!
i have got a manual :p

how you ment to learn if you dont try stuff first hand????

the car only cost me £150 so im not fussed really

oh yeah and ive done them two bits, abousolute WA%*ER to get them bolts off especially when its been standing so long. next bit is clutch cable - it always turns when i twist the bolt and the bolts holding the car in (y)
i'd be tempted to drain the oil first, whilst its still nice and warm.
Badger_Benji said:
Just one slight question, if you are only a novice why on earth are you attempting to remove the engine? Have you checked you have all the tools? You dont even have the manual ,that refers to items in the pictures.

Yeah we all have to start somewhere. My first experiance was removing, rebuilding then refitting a mini engine. If it's not your daily transport then you can take your time and learn as you go.

It had it's up and downs but looking back it was sooo much fun :)

been advised not to rebuild the engine, aparently a lot of things dont sit right after you take them out, but seen as this one has 90k on the clock going to have a play when i get a 1242.

ahh will do the oil some other time.

so any one know the problems with my clutch cable turning when i turn the nut???
can i gues cut the cable and buy a new one???

oh and where are all the mounting points for the engine? ive found the one on the drivers side. is that the only one???
clutch cable has a locking nut thing on it. check with haynes on how to remove it. whole section for clutch!

there are three mounts. one at the drivers side. two at the passenger side. look near the pass side headlight, to the left of it. one mount is there. the other is under the car at the back of the gearbox.
your obviously not reading your haynes manual.take the time to read through it and mark pages you need. front gearbox mount is held onto the chassis via 2 13mm bolts and to the gearbox mount via a 17mm(IIRC) bolt.
the rear one is right at the bottom and is again 2 13mm bolts but requires you loosen to bolts with 18 or 19mm bolts to allow the removal of the mount
ive read the section about the cable, but got annoyed so left it for abit.

as for the mounting points just thought id ask as people that have done the conversion tend to explain it better than the haynes manual as bushboy did
yuo asked where the mounts are and how many there i said you need to read the haynes before your doing the work to get an idea of what you need and the best order to approach me its easier when you have a rough plan of attack
eg i know the section on the engine mounts is fairly concise as i replaced 2 of mine today.nothing to do with the swap as its a straight swap as if you dropped in another 1108
planning on dropping a 1242 in eventually :D

as for the plan of attack, i dont think about things. only decided i was going to take the engine out because i could be arsed with my thesis.

going to do a bit of work today then have another crack at it later, so will report back with my next problem if i can sus the haynes manual out :p
aye ask arc how much fun it was spending a week in a cold garage! Well he would decide to do it over xmas. But from the sounds of it, very happy with it all now...
well if it was that much fun what you doing next sat???? lol

should be worth it although going to be difficult with insurance,as my ncb is take up on my other car and im a student lol

oh well we will see
ive not taken the engine out of mine but taken head off etc so i would agree with advice already given and make sure you have all the tools you require haynes will state them at the start of relevant chapter. And also agree with the other statement that this is ok for a novice as long as you dont need the car for a while and i know what you mean sometimes haynes is vague so you sometimes have to suck it and see, books are great but no match for the personal experienced of some of the forum members in here and from my short time iin this forum i have found a wealth of experience at hand. I would say though work your way through individual tasks and dont bombard people with a hit list just the bits you get stuck at and ask perhaps for clarification rather than a out and out guide.
the haynes manual is not the best thing in the world though, its hard to make out descriptions, pics ect and for some one like me ive never heard of cv joints ect. so when it says to remove them, how am i ment to know where they are .lol

any way just had a quick break back off out to play :devil: