Removing heater control panel (light bulb changes etc)

Firstly remove the radio. To do this you need 4 rods like this to push in the 4 holes in the radio front to release the catches. These rods are 125mm long. 4 long nails will do the job just as well. You want a diameter that just fits in the holes
radio rods 2.JPG
They only need to go in around 50mm to release the catches. You may still need to do some careful leverage on either side of the radio to get it moving. You can put the radio to one side or probably better to detach the connectors and remove it completely but make sure you have the radio code first if you do
radio connectors 2.JPG
Now you have a bank of screws and you can see which ones you want to remove to release the lower panel.
radio tray 2.JPG

ash tray.JPG
Now remove the lower ashtray and you'll find a couple of screws down there too. Detach the ashtray lighting wire
Then you're ready to release the heater control panel which has a couple of push in locking tabs. The connectors to the panel can then be released