Technical Changing drivers side rear window 5 door

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Technical Changing drivers side rear window 5 door


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Oct 10, 2007
im trying to change a window on the drivers side back door window is there any guides how to do this? or can any 1 explain.. need asap

You have to take the winder arm off the inside, then remove the door handle and the door pull. That will let you remove the door card to expose the inner door liner. This is just a membrane glued to the frame... you can pick it off but try not to rip it.

The winder arm is held in with a circlip. The door handle and pull will be held in with screws, possibly under a plastic button.

The door card is held to the door with bayonet clips round the outer edges. Basiclly you have to lift a corner and then prise it away from the door skin without bending it.

The membrane is glued on.

The inner frame is bolted to the door skin. You have to unscrew it and take it out. Be careful as it's just stamped metal so it's very sharp. Fit the new glass in the door (through the inner door ) and mount it in it's lifter.. then refit the frame. This last bit is a bit awkward as he frame with glass in it is pretty heavy and the door frame has sharp edges.

Once you have it in place, bolt it in and make sure the window works before you put the membrane back on (use a waterproof glue, or pvc tape) and the door card etc.

Ralf S.