Can filling up with too much oil stop the car from starting?

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Can filling up with too much oil stop the car from starting?


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Mar 7, 2006
I have recently made the mistake of putting too much oil in my Fiat Uno after thinking that the oil light that was coming on all the time was indicating that my oil level was low. I have since found out on this particular model it means that the oil pressure is faulty if the light comes on. After filling up with oil I came to start my car and all I get is a clunk sound and nothing else. The engine will not start at all. Can anybody agree that the following I've been told is true. Some one has told me that because there is so much oil in there the pressure has built up and the moving parts can't move and thats why my engine wont fire up, and the thing i need to do is drain the excess oil to achieve the right level and everything should be ok". Or have I got a more serious problem here. Please help soon because I'm at my wits end because unfortunately I'm not very clued up about cars, as you've probably gathered. Cheers. :bang:
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Exactly how much oil have you put in. If you have absoutely filled it, then yes thats is why, do not keep trying, as you are probably fortunate not to do more damage. If on the other hand its only a little over then you need to be looking for something else.
Yes, Yes it can. Drain some oil before you continue.

I had the same problem once, My Tipo registered no Oil, I checked it several times and it looked ok but the Oil light kept coming on every now and then.

The car would take a long time to start and was idling all over the place, it would also stall for no reason.

Lots of smoke was coming from the exhaust, a girl said there might be too much oil, I said I havn;t put any in since its last service. took it to another garage who diagnosed too much oil and that the Oil light comes on when any abnormal pressure is detected including high oil pressure (learnt something that day). That pretty girl saved my motor, I should ask for her hand in marriage :p

Oil had made its way into my Carburrettor, don't know if a similar thing can happen to Injection Engines.
the fact your oil light has come on (pressure) means your engine is well past it:D

E..g on volvo's the oil pressure *warning* is called a dummy light as by the time it has come on oil pressure would have dropped below 0.1bar:eek: when it should be nearer 3.5bar at idle and cold and about 7 at full tilt and norm. So if fiat oil pressure lights are the same you engine will have less oil (pressure) in it than george bushs tanks LOL.

reason your engine ain't starting may be because the con rod has eaten its way into the crank or crank has chewed up the crankcase etc.

basically big bucks:bang:

Also too much oil can create too much pressure and not enough air gap and your engine will likely blow the dipstick or some oil hoses out before it stops, unless its a 400cc fiat 500 in which case a mild breeze might stop it:eek: