Technical Cam belt confusion

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Technical Cam belt confusion


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Feb 13, 2007

I have a 2004 2.0 JTD Dynamic 16v

I've been sorting out my annual service and since it's now 5 years old it should be due a cam belt change, however my local Fiat dealer who has serviced this car all the time I've owned it tell me I don't have a cam belt but a cam chain and that it doesn't need changing.

Now I'm confused by this as I've not heard of anyone else having a chain but a belt so is this correct and is there any way to confirm it one way or the other.


It's got both !!!!
Cam belt drives one cam shaft which in turn drives the other cam by chain inside the engine.
I know this cos mine's in bits,

good Luck
Hi, the 16 valve have a belt and chain as stated above, I cannot find out the service interval for the chain, any help here?, I would definitely change the belt, water pump and the tensioner and idler pulleys now, not much of a FIAT dealership if they dont know that. there is also a plastic tray available that directs any water away from the timing belt, I have just ordered one from Germany where it cost €25 incl VAT+ postage, here in Ireland the Fiat dealer didn't know what I was on about, the Peugeot dealer had a listing for it at €47 + VAT, It would appear that rain water can get onto the belt in spite of the cover and can result in premature failure, the tray fits under the expansion bottle and directs any water to the rear of the engine, If anybody is interested I will post pictures when I get it, also the part number for Peugeot etc.
Thanks for the input guy's at least I know I'm not going mad.

I'm booking it in at an independent at least they seemed more clued up when I spoke to them.


Also get all aux. belt pulleys carefully checked, it seems that if the aux belt fails it can't help itself from jumping into the the cambelt ! why it can't just thow off into the road I don't know, obviously the cam belt cover isn't doing a very good job by letting water in at the top and aux. belt through the bottom !!!
going to look into this myself assuming I can fix rest of engine...

Also why does a twin cam 16v engine need rocker arms and tappets ???

Answers please.
Ooh forgot too mention the chain and tensioner on my engine look fine after 130000 miles, and besides to replace it you would have to remove the injectors !!!!!!
My 2.0 JTDs cambelt snapped at 74,000 miles and nearly 4years old. I think the belt is supposed to be changed at 72,000 miles. It's just had a new head fitted as a result (quite expensive - Fiat helped out though). I think I'll get the job earlier in the future! Be warned!
Mines an old 54 addison lee one, belt was changed at 69000 2 years ago and it coming up to 115000 , what millage do think i should change that and what have you been charged for this all in .....