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stripey stilo

Jan 8, 2006
hi guys,

Am looking at buying a uno turbo mrk 2..

can any 1 give me any advice on were i could find any for sale. as there dont seem to be any in the usual places ie. autotrader, ebay.

can i also ask wat is a average price to pay for 1

any replies would be appreciated
Alright matey I'd say Ebay probably has the most UTs for sale than any other site. But its also worth checking the following sites.

This site for one the fiat forum. Check the classified section. check the for sale boards. again check the for sale boards. sometimes has a few UTs going cheap. sometimes you find a few UTs on here. Very few on here but usually the best examples are found on here.

One last bit of advice when you buy an UT check for rust around the rear turrets, sunroof, and the shell in general. Dont worry about parts like doors, bonnet etc as these can be replaced easily. And check all the electrics as well. Headlights, windows etc
Check for blue smoke, this indicates a worn turbo or seals.
Smoke on start up is usually worn valve stem seals.
White smoke is either a cracked head or blown head gasket! Correct me if i'm wrong on any of this AlexGS, Chas.
Take it for a spin, see how it drives and if you can get somebody to follow you (if they can keep up that is lol) so that they can keep a look out for any smoke on accelleration.
Hope that helps.

F R O $ T Y
thanks frosty will keep looking. i realy want 1 as a mess about car something i can get my hands dirty with.unlike the stilo cant touch it without beeb beeb!!!