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Mar 1, 2007
Me wife just called and said that a rich looking, elegant grandfather of his grandson guy in his early 50ies drove his big Volvo into our rear... :(

I haven't seen her yot, but as the wife says, there is a hole in the bumper and stuff laying around but the trunk opens and the lights are OK.


Why in hell I decided to stay and work at home today?

Well, they both signed the statement.

He gave all his insurance details - plus said that if the cost of fixing the car is under certain amount he'd rather pay straight that lose his reductions in insurance.

We'll see - if it is only a bumper, I'll buy one from scrappies and bolt it on myself.

What do you think?
yeah but remember to get one a different colour so it has to be painted and as the match won't be perfect with your old paint and freshly painted bumper you will need to have him pay to get the entire car repainted. ;)
And that sore neck your wife might get in a week or so! Get a few quotes for it to be done professionally, new bumper etc add a bit on for inconvenience, 'hire car' and such like. And tell him it'll cost that much. Then take a fraction of that and get a new bumper.
Marea's are strange beasts.

A rear shunt can not look damaged from the side but the boot may have been forced up instead. That's what happened to Valeen's car just before he bought it. Cost him a couple hunded to get a new boot and have the bodywork welds broken, reshaped and welded/painted.
Oooof, you're all scarying me.

I'll take her to the shop tomorrow to see if there is any more damage.