Technical Bravo Wont Start - not even if pushed!!

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Technical Bravo Wont Start - not even if pushed!!


Feb 19, 2005
West Yorkshire
As Title, tried everything i can think of, even had a couple of mates (whom are now knackered) pushing it up and down the street to try and bump it into starting and that dont even work much to my disapointed surprise

Any ideas muchly muchly appreciated!!!
Tis trying to start, and from pushing it, was getting so close it was untrue

by jump you mean from someone elses
well first port of call would be to see if your battery is duff. You could get halfords to do this free for you.

They checked the battery on my coupe and it was dead. Bought a new one and it started up fine.

They tested the batt on my punto and it was fine, but turned out my alternator was knackered.
are all the electrics working? headlights and stuff?

There might be enough power in your batt just to power the internal lights.

If the alternator has gone then there might be a small amount of power left in your battery to power the internal lights but obviously if it is the alternator then it wouldnt charge your battery.

If it was the startmotor that was knackered i would have thought the car would have started with a bump start.
Yeah its got petrol, thanks for everyones input, eventually it reluctantly jump started (very reluctantly!!!)

So now its at the garage and booked in due a service anyway so hopefully something simple like spark plugs

Thanks again