Bravo ... larger speakers?

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Bravo ... larger speakers?


Newbie Bravo owner
Mar 20, 2006
East Lancs, UK
What are the largest speakers you can get into the speaker fittings on a 96 Bravo? Or what size are they normally? I'd like to put in some decent speakers that are capable of handling about 50w of power ... nothing fancy but decent sound quality. Is it possible on a £100 budget?
Well, the car came with a decent Sony head unit but if I turn it up some, it kills whatever speakers are in there! I just need something that can handle some power and sound nice (can't afford subs, amps or anything else just yet!)
They're 160mm in a Bravo aren't they?

TBH, I would get some components and if there isn't a space already provided, make something so you can fit the tweeters (y) They should be OK running off the HU in the short term, while you save for an amp but personally, I would hold off for a bit and get an amp to go with them and install it all in one hit. You can then sort out a sub at a later date :)
If the Bravo parcel shelf is the same as the Brava one (and possibly not due to sound reverberation), there's space for 6x9s in the back which you can run from the cabling already there for the rear speakers. Also worth looking at the door speakers as these are worse than useless and provide good space for components like Chaos says to complement the top ones :) There are a couple of threads about replacing door speakers and the mounts available in the Bravo/a section.