Technical Bad brakes!?

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Technical Bad brakes!?


Nov 3, 2004
HI guys,
yet another problem has popped up in the Uno. This time its the brakes. Well what happens is, that when I press the brake (while pressing it) the car swerves to the left....when the pedal is fully depressed its brakes in a straight line and on releasing it swerves to the left again! Any ideas!? At high speeds it can become pretty scary.

could actually be worn suspension components or a grabbing brake on one side.
you need to get the wheels off for a looksie
check your wheel alignlemt and get a regular breaks service .. change the front shoes and rear drums cleaned.. this should fix it.
Brake piston may be sticking in the caliper. Get a repair kit and make sure you clean the piston before reassambly.
I agree with Custard Boy (what a name, and how many posts?!) From the swerving when *releasing* the brakes, it actually sounds to me like a driver's-side front control arm balljoint (the lower balljoint, which can be difficult to check with everything fitted to the car).

I think I would remove the driveshaft nut to release the driveshaft, unbolt the suspension strut, and lift everything apart to assess the lower balljoint for wear. (Also, with the driveshaft out of the way, it's much easier to extract the balljoint using a clothespeg-style balljoint extractor).