Auto Italia - Brooklands Final Details and Standees

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Auto Italia - Brooklands Final Details and Standees

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Oct 25, 2003
Right you lot!!!!

Here are the final details for those who are attending Brooklands.

Brooklands Museum, Surrey, Saturday April 29th.

Admission is £9.00 - this Includes Everyone, even standees!!!

Please can everyone get to the event before 8.30am.

I will include a map on here once i get that information.

I also need volunteers to help with setting up the stand the day before (Friday 28th April)

Standard and Modified cars welcome, shows a good example of the cars we have on the forum.

If people are staying over on the Friday night can they post in the ongoing thread.

This thread will be locked, if i have left off any info regarding this event or you have questions then please use the main thread and I will edit this as required.

I will be updating this as i get more information so keep checking it :)

OK here we go with the List (These are Only people that have PM'd me if you havent PM'd me your not on the stand, I dont have time to be going through all the threads) If your not on the list and want to be on it then PM me ASAP.

Applesei - Seicento
sammiboo - either New panda or Bravo
Hellcat - Tipo
fiattech - Stilo
Bushboy - Cinq
Babz - Seicento
Hmallett - Panda Sporting
activematt - Stilo
steve1219 - MKII Punto
Bob in disguise - Grande Punto
Duncan - Cinq Sporting
Dave - MkII Punto Sporting
H2DaE - MkII Punto
SuperUno - Uno
Stuartmackenzie - Punto GT
cheekytoad - Stilo Abarth
jamie86 - Cinq turbo
TurboCinqy - Cinq
SO RUN - Multipla
Turboned - New Panda
GhostWKD - Cinq turbo
OXCiD3 - MKII Punto
PNL - Stilo
zutanoz - Stilo Abarth
Gaz_Wrexham MkII.5 Punto
Foxyemx Cinq
Dawn of time - Punto Mk1
the beasto - Cinq
Si - Punto - Punto Mk2.5
Alex_22- Cinq
Bo~Select@ - Stilo
CinqSport_Newboi - Cinq
courtster Grande Punto
AxelEph Cinq
pandamonius_maximus Classic Panda
Bozzy Stilo
Sx Addict Seicento
HayleySpencer Cinq
Randomman Cinq
CaneyJ Cinq
Serin Cinq
Crazy dave Punto MKII.5
faster4_tec Punto MKI

IF you want to be on the stand and you are not on the list then PLEASE PM me with details and I will add you :)

If at any time you know you wont be able to make it to the event then please PM me.

I will be PMing all those with my details so you can get hold of me if there are any problems.

Please see this thread to discuss .

Any problems then PM me.



Edit: heres the address of the tesco we are meeting up at on saturday

Barnes Wallace Drive
KT13 0XF

Also the address for Brooklands

Brooklands Museum Trust Limited
Brooklands Road, Weybridge,
Surrey KT13 0QN

The Route:

Hotel via tesco to brooklands
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