Technical Audio wiring confusion

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Technical Audio wiring confusion


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Jan 5, 2007
I've installed an amp in the boot to power the door speakers and tweeters. (replaced originals with Infinity 5010CS) I need to run a speaker wire from the door speakers to the amp - what is the best way to do this?

Can I use the existing Speaker wire (the one comes from the tweeters through the door speakers and back to the head unit) , chop it off the plug at the back of the HU and extend it through to the back? Otherwise it looks like it's going to be a pig of a job and I can't work out the ideal route

Infinity 5010CS are component speakers so you need to run 2 seperate 2core speaker wires from the amp, one wire to each crossover. i suggest you do this down the driver's side of the car and hide both crossovers in the fusebox area. then you need to lay 2 seperate 2core wires from each crossover, one to the tweeter and one to the door speaker. use a new wire from crossover to tweeter, use the existing wire to go from crossover to door (chop original wire behind dashboard, and extend using new wire to meet crossover).
Oh yeah, I forgot about the crossovers. :bang:

Am I correct in thinking that I have to disconnect some wires from the back of my existing Head Unit, or I'll have two sets of input to the speakers? If so, is it fairly obvious which ones they are or do you know the colour codes for them?

I can see why alot of people just stick a set of 6*9s in the back now...