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General Another question on keys


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May 13, 2004
If I can get a key cut cheaply, with no circuitry in the fob, am I right in thinking that this can be used to open the doors as long as the alarm is not set ?

When I go surfing, I like to keep a key inside my wetsuit but I don't want to wreck an expensive 'real' key by immersing it in sea water.

This way I could hide the real key in the car, and use the copy just to get back into the car.
A passive key, one without an alarm/door unlock button on it as far a I am aware has no circuitry inside it. It is just a transponder chip which is read when the key is in the proximity of the receiver (usually around the ignition barrel). You can drop it in water and it will still work.
Having trashed and then recovered my key for the same reason (waterproof key bag leaked when surfing) I can recommend the following - take your key off keyring, insert screwdriver in small slot on opposite side to button and split the blue case apart. Then take the battery out and ease the clip back to release the circuit board. Store these latter two at home. You can leave the button on the side in place. The small black barrel is the ignition transponder and appears to be sealed.

You can then surf/use the key without worry, reuniting the contents when back from surf trip. I managed to get mine working again my carefully washing/rinsing the cuicuit board in distilled water and then leaving for some days to fully dry, before reuniting with new battery and key.

Enjoy the surfing. Miles.
I already did as I suggested in my first post. I got a new key cut locally, for a few quid, and use this. It works fine. I would still be concerned about corrosion if I took the original key in sea water, even without the battery.