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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
anyone bought anything off amazon that comes from a third party as they dont have it in stock?

is it safe and does the payment go through amazon?

also does it count towards your free postage?
No - all my purchases from them have always been via themselves.

If you want to know about postage, just add it to your basket and see what happens; it should give you super saver delivery, or not, lol.

What you buying? :chin:
I used to work for Amazon. Be very careful with Marketplace transaction as if it goes wrong Amazon don't want to know. The feedback system is a bit like eBay's, so check out the feedback before buying and you should be ok.
Company I work for sells via Marketplace and know we get a Sh!t load of hassle at any complaint mainly the ones that are nothing to do with us (n)

BTW postage is different
Steve said:
Amazon talk tough, but there is little they can do Jamie.
I think the main thing is to try and keep the feedback looking all good :)

But you do get some right :tosser:
I've brought a few low cost items, and sold a few things too. The postage is extra as it's not Amazon who send it out, but the individual seller or company. Amazon charge the buyer, then take thier fees. Every so often Amazon transfer money fropm my sales to my bank account. I prefer selling some things on there to ebay as you state the price you want, and it lasts for 3 months or so (before requiring a relisting). Things like books in good condition are more likely to sell through amazon than ebay anyway. If Amazon sell it, undercut them and get some trade. Also good if you want to sell something that Amazon say will take a few weeks.

As always, buyer beware, I'd read the comments of any seller unless the item is low enough cost that you can afford not to recieve the item.
I've bought a few DVD's from Marketplace both UK and US sellers, going with the folks with the best feedback meant I got great service at all times, never had a problem.