Panda (Classic) Amanda the Panda

Panda 1000 CLX 1992


FIAT Panda 1000 CLX ,bought 01/11/2022 , colour black , 54000 miles , bought for just 1 purpose , a road trip to Italy . Stay tuned for whether that takes place successfully .
Biggest modification so far , after 1 day I fitted orange indicators to the front ,so much better than clears and cost all of £12 in total .

Before and after ,I even managed to do this without breaking anything ,or injuring myself .
Ricambio ,the parts shop is local ,they are really going to come in handy .

The only other planned mods are stickers and stripes ,cos they're cheap .


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My windscreen washers stopped spraying .
I could hear the motor still buzzing ,so I thought the washer jet might be blocked .Nope !
I pulled off the hose at the motor and operated the switch ,just a few spits of fluid .
I then swapped the hose and cable to the rear wash motor that's just a few inches away ,the same few spits .
I look at the fluid in the bottle ,it looks very foamy ,like a bubble bath .
I remove the spare wheel ,which if you didn't know rests on top of the washer bottle under the bonnet and then remove the one nut that holds it to the inner wing .
I pour the washer fluid into a clean container and peer into the bottle ,there appears to be "goo" on the motor inlet ,I pull the motor out of the bottle side and clean the goo out .
I refit the motor and bottle ,and put some different pure water in and hey presto there is a proper wash spurt .
Seems all I need is less gooey washer fluid rather than any replacement parts .
I haven't yet binned the gooey washer fluid ,perhaps I should use some of it just watered down a whole lot more .

That's as exciting this car gets . Pic of the short queue for Brooklands yesterday at 8.15am .
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