Alloy Wheels, PCD & Spigot Rings

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Alloy Wheels, PCD & Spigot Rings




I want to fit another set of 17" alloys to the HGT & due to the offset & PCD I'm gonna have to use spigot rings, 5mm spacers & wobbly bolts.

Because of the spacers it means that I will loose 5mm worth of hub to slot the alloy on meaning that it'll put more strain on the end of the hub. Would it be better instead of using spigot rings to use a metal tub the thikness of the spigot slotted over the hub.

Would this be a stronger mounting point and what would be the best metal to use in making the tubes?

Or does anyone know of any 5mm spacers that have the lip milled into them so it has like a built in spigot ring / hub extension?

Or is this just a very bad idea.

unfortunatly i have 4 x 5mm universal fitting spacers and 2 x 12mm spacers with hub extension would but not the ones you need could have let you have them :)

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