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General All 105 JTD owners - Post your times here

Jan 8, 2006
Pontefract W.Yorks
I thought it would be useful for others and also help me determine if my Weekend 105 JTD is performing up to scratch , so lets keep this thread to the point , just post you times between 2000 and 3000 revs here.

Obviously safety first , find a quiet road on the flat and dont take any silly risks ;)

Here are mine

Year 2000 Merea Weekend 105 JTD

3rd Gear - 5 Seconds
4th Gear - 10 Seconds
5th Gear - 20 or so Seconds

These times are not to the dot, but are only intended as a rough comparison figure to compare against other cars, not a mine is faster than yours thread (y)

For my purposes I am looking for Weekend's however I dont mind other Fiat 105 JTD's joining in regardless of model out of interest just for rough comparison.

If you have any mods then please declare them :p

So come on , dont be shy lets see those numbers :D
Thanks Hellcat.

Do you get this. At 2600 rpm although still accelerating you can feel a small pull back in performance or is it perfectly linear acceleration up to 3K.

Also ignoring the 2K-3K tests for a while, what would you say the peak turbo power range (revs) is before the turbo starts to tail off ? Where does the turbo kick in and start to tail off :)
Cleaning out one of the rooms here I found sales brochures for the full FIAT range back in 2000.

When on your private test track you could check these out for the 105JTD Weekend

0 - 62mph - 11.2 seconds
0 - 1000m (2 people + 20kg) - 32.9 seconds.

It's the kilometer drag that will be a true reflection of your performance however at the end you will be shifting along :eek:

I'm not sure about this torque drop off at 2,600. Peak torque is at 2250 rpm and peak power is at 4000 rpm. The 'pull' should feel fairly linear from 2 - 4000 based on this.