Technical Airbag light on after removing dash panel

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Technical Airbag light on after removing dash panel


Oct 21, 2012
Hello all,
After removing the dash cluster to fix a sticking fuel gauge, I stupidly did not disconnect the battery.
I now have an airbag warning light on the dash due to the loss of communication with the dashboard warning light.
I have located the diagnostic plug for the airbag system, but the plug on my car only has two wires going to it.
This is a model year 2000 car, so does not have an OBD plug.
I know some cars did have the two wire diagnostic plug for the airbag, but all of the info I have seen does not seem to be working for my car.

The airbag module in question is a TRW 46443798.
The three pin diagnostic plug for the airbag, covered in a yellow sleeve has two wires. 1 Black (Gnd) and 1 Red/Something iirc, which I believe is the Kline wire.

I've attached the 3pin diagnostic plug to the obd adapter and given it power and GND, I attempted to connect to the airbag module via Autel and had no luck. Also tried connecting with a VAG KKL Cable and Multiecuscan. However, it does not connect. I've setup the serial and tested it, the cable works correctly, just won't connect to the airbag module.
I think if your airbag module ends with 98, the standard MultiECUscan and other public apps don't work.
This is according to the owner of barchettaparts