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Feb 6, 2006
Ok, so here's a round up for my punto, bought 1 week ago ;)

I have had a full new exhaust and Lambda Sensor -£200

Full Service & Cambelt Change - £120

thought it was going to have to have a new clutchn (slipping not going into any gear etc), was informed by the guy who was doing the work on the car (Family friend) it would need one. Then the next day, after i had dropped it off for the work, he phones me and say he cant fault the clutch at all. Its a 'typical' fiat clutch. He lubed the shaft apparantly, and it works OK, i wouldnt say great, as its heavy.

My problem however, is that, itr makes a double creaking sound when depressed? any advice - i.e. should i lube it some more?

I do have it provisionally booked for FIAT to have a look over it - Research Garage Nuneaton - but they sound like a bunch of assholes to be fair - extremely rude on the phone etc - also a friend bought a brand new car from there and said they sucked big time...

anyway.... should i lube or goto fiat? or does anyone know what it could be?
What Punto is it? AFAIK most Puntos are cable operated (I know the 55,60 and 75 are definately).

I would imagine that they would have the same problems as the Cento's do, stretching and snapping clutch cables (the Cento is brilliant for the 2nd one)...or the clutch release arm bushings get full of dirt and need replacing - thats not uncommon!
ha I sprayed the arms and bolts etc - basically anything connected with the clutch with an entire can of WD40! smooth as a baby arse now ;)

Its a Punto S60 btw

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