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Technical ABS warning light


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Nov 27, 2005
The ABS warning light is currently on in my Schumacher Seicento, whats that all about:confused:

And how the hell dyou turn off the alarm ? The f*cking thing drains the battery because the car doesnt get used often.
If the car is not used often you could be getting a corrosion build up on a sensor wheel. You really need to find out which sensor is acting up, and the only way for that to happen is to get the code red.


Does it actually have an alarm? By that I mean an aftermarket one cos I don't think they ever came with one, your battery is maybe not the best in the first place so the not often ran just compounds the problem.

Do you have any added electrical gizmos plugged in somewhere?

If the car stays outside between uses then should help you out but only consider it if the battery is healthy and there is nothing draining the system elsewhere.

At the time it started it was getting regular use, I think.

Theres no other cause ? whats it actualy for ?
It does have an alarm and the battery had to go to a car electrical specialists to get a very fine charge and theres nothing else draining the battery
The ABS light, is it supposed to be warning me its not working or........
could be an electrical problem, sensor playing up another suggestion, as been suggested i would take it for a code read/diagnostic in terms of the light, while youre getting that done ask them to check the brakes

I would purchase a new battery for the car and if its draining all power perhaps alternator could be on the way out, especially if cars not used much, consider contacting the manufacturer or previous owners of car and alarm if problem persists
Nikky said:
The ABS light, is it supposed to be warning me its not working or........

The light would signify a fault in the system generally but only investigation will find the fault, could be one of many things.