Technical Abarth Sat Nav Q's

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Technical Abarth Sat Nav Q's


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Nov 28, 2005
Hull/Grimsby/Scunthorpe... Somewhere inbetween
Just done a deal with my bravo hgt with a lovely 52 reg Stilo Abarth :D and picking it up on monday all being well.
It's got the sat nav option, but I was wondering if anyone makes a video input module for it? (my dad has the vw sat nav in his touran, and we bought a video input module off

Can anyone help, as I really don't want to loose the sat nav unit and replace it with a in dash unit like my bravo hgt has.

sorry mate cant help on the sat nav front, but i traded my bravo hgt 4 a abarth selespeed:slayer: 2 weeks ago. so far nothing broke but i missing my hgt it was a fookin hoot 2 blast on b roads:devil:
There's a thred on here somewhere which explains how it can be done... i too am trying desperately to achieve the same thing. There is a German PDF with instructions on how to wire in connectors yourself. There is a greek dude on here who had made the most progress (sorry i dont know the names/links off the top of my head!)

anyone get further with this? watching a dvd in your car on the 7" screen would be sweet