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Technical Abarth light show


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Nov 15, 2007
I need help!

After having my Abarth two weeks I got in the car yesterday turned the key and the info screen lit up like a xmas tree starting off with the message "gearbox failure" then onto "asr Failure" and then.... well you get the idea everything failure yet the car started and worked absolutley fine (i did only drive round block to see how it was). after turning off then on again no warnings at all and all was normal!? I plan on taking to my local Fiat dealer but just wanted a bit of advice as to what the issue is, having heard horror stories about fiat customer service i want to be up to speed before they attempt to rip me off!

Any help would be welcome, I really like the car and don't want to lose my rag with it!!!

Cheers :worship:
possibly low battery. I has a similar problem with mine + door wouldn't lock /open with remote and one or 2 other issues. Turned out to be something as simple as the passenger window mechanism motor.