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There is no such thing as an "Abarth Cinq" all the Abarth products were optional extras.

So you could have when you ordered your car new any of the below either on there own or everything together, not seen many with all the items, though most people call a Cinq an Abarth model when only the body kit was added.

A rear Spoiler
Side skirts, front bumper apron with integrated spotlights
rear apron
leather 3 spoke steering wheel with red bottom, Abarth horn push and boss kit
sill covers
floor mats
5 spoke 13" Speedline alloy wheels
alloy pedal covers

not conclusive as sure there were probably other items that others may know of, or can see from having a brochure at hand. They come up fairly regularly on ebay.

The same thing for Seicento Spi "Abarths" again everything was optional and ordered at dealer so not a stand alone model.

Where as the MPi Abarth was a standalone model, even benefiting from having a different final drive in the gearbox to ensure acceleration was the same on 14" wheels as it was on 13" wheels. It also as red stitching on steering wheel. Though again there were some additional items that could be ordered like floor mats, sill covers and IIRC a Abarth air-bag steering wheel which is nicer than the "rugby ball" steering wheel and 14" multi spoke Speedline alloys instead of the 8 spoke normal 14" wheels.

(anyone care to add stuff on the Schumacher?)