Technical 850 Coupe Engine protection plates

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Technical 850 Coupe Engine protection plates

Aug 17, 2023
The countryside
Have a look at as these were also built by Seat in Spain. I get 90% of my 850 Sedan parts off or FB Marketplace with my location set to Spain. They are a lot better to deal with then the Italians also......sorry to say. My fiance is Italian so I have permission to say this!!!! 😜

They are vital for cooling especially in traffic. Hot air from the radiator is expelled under the car and these panels reduce the amount of air from recirculating back up into the engine compartment. More so in traffic. Your exhaust should also have a "shelf" or heat-sheild on top of the muffler box that mates up with the panels and forms a part of the entire assembly.
One thing, if the rubber edging isn't present on the panels you buy, don't try and find it, the rubber cannot be got for love or money. At this point you may improvise as best you can and creat your own to go around the sump.
I haven't had these fitted since I bought the car in 2015 and haven't had a problem with overheating. In fact in runs cool. Might be more of a a problem in hot countries