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General 340 miles to a tank!


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Sep 3, 2007
Hi all, did the first long run in the Abarth at weekend! 4 people and a boot full of stuff! average speed was approx 90 on the motorway and of the 340 miles 75% motorway! im quite impessed with the economy for a 2.4! on the computer av was 31.2mpg! not as bad as i had been led to believe!(y)
Wow! I'm intrigued....
is it a selespeed?
what model year is it?
what is the mileage / last service / overall condition of engine?

i don't think i've ever done over 220 miles to a tank?

on long journies, my onboard consumption never goes above 23.1mpg, sometimes as low as 19; but then, i do use the paddles an awful lot.......
Its a52 plate selespeed with 43k and was serviced 500 miles ago! been doing 27-28 round town with the missus driving it but about 24 when i drive! engine is as smooth as silk! but it should be with the mileage! check your tyre pressures! i have put in 36psi in front and 34 rear, bit higher than in the book but car feels better!
great, thanks - will do. only had it 3 months and already hovering over a volvo diesel p/ex. (more dog space)

i would miss the 5-pot roar and paddling fun though so may be swayed back in love yet if i can improve the economy.
Also change fuel filter! i have heard this can help! also when were the plugs and air filter last changed? what mileage has yours done? Wifes done another 75 miles today and just checked fuel computer and its done 29.6mpg.
Mine is doing 29.6 mpg general to and from work and around town. Mine is a manual and think that the petrol consumption is much better than lead to believe. Also used no oil in nearly 800 miles of use which I thought was pretty good.(y)