Thailand 20052006 390.jpg

Coupe 20v Turbo!! How Sexy??


What do you think???
Didnt need spacers just longer bolts! The internal depth of the front front wheels is more than the rear wheel, which cleared the brembo's!! It was so hard to find wheels to fit!!!
By far the '' BEST LOOKING'' coupe on the forum. Your doing it sunshine, we all know it looks much better than k3lly's coupe!!!! Dont worrie about the hatters, keep up the good work. By the way them wheels, are saying it!!

Dr Doolies!!!:worship:
Now now we all know mine is the best looking coupe :p

Tee hee nah I need to spend more time cleaning and buying cosmetic bits before I am in the "big boys league". But she's good enough for me. Apparently Kelly's coupe has a fair few scrapes/dings etc up close, however it looks :cool: on all the pics I've seen.
Easily done Dooly if you want too, get some skirts and lips (about £150) and get them sprayed and if you like blended in (£300-600) and then the alloys (god knows) and you're there. Oh, some eibach's would help too. :)