Barchetta 1997 Barchetta - Re-Built May 2009


Bernito is alive again.... Full inside and outside re-spray...

Mitchy Motors of Swindon are car Gods!

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Luckly my car did not need it taking out, the Barchetta has a panel that comes off next to the wind screen. Everything else came out.

Lights, bumpers, seals etc....
I really like the colour. Hard top and 3rd brake light are neet.

If I was getting a full respray Id strip as much as possible myself then hand it over. Whould save a lot of hours labour and you only have yourself to blame for broken bits ;)

So true, this is what I did. However on the downside - That light is old and rubbish, New one please, that trim is old and worn, new one please.

£600 on new lights and trim!!!(n)
Hi Harry

Blood sweat and tears. They bonded the two every 5mill, then glue then fibre glass, then filler. Then tested over many bumps and all perfect.

There are no body seams at all.

She went back today as the garage want to do a full check. 1 month after, they want to ensure the paint is perfect.

Great guys. (y)