Technical 1988 Uno 45 mis firing

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Technical 1988 Uno 45 mis firing

Kieran uno

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Jan 1, 2022
Hi folks,

Our family Uno 45 has started to misfire badly and run hot. I noticed the fan starting to kick in a lot whilst driving in the city then on the way home a burning rubber smell and really bad misfiring. The engine overheat light was not coming on (and i know it works because of a radiator problem last year). When i got home i pulled the spark plugs and had difficulty removing the plug leads from cylinders 2 and 3 it looks like they have melted a little and fused to the plugs. So, i am guessing i have an ignition/timing problem and the smell and overheating coming from cylinders 2 and 3. I have the distributor with the white cap.

Any help diagnosing the problem and possible solutions much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.