17, Punto MK1, lots of mods, ouch.

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17, Punto MK1, lots of mods, ouch.


Oct 4, 2005
Bexley, Kent

Ok so coming up to my 17th in four months. Wow that seems too long until I will be able to drive/lessons.

As some of you may know - I have big plans for my '98 60SX Punto MK1.

Here's basically a list that I will have done to it by my 17th... would a few of you provide me where/if I can get insured on it all?? Yes I know I should ring insurance companies and ask before hand - but hey, i'm lazy and I havn't got a clue on what I am doing. OH - also note - I had an accident on my scooter, and it was a write off but the other party took full responsibility so I don't know whether this will affect my premium (or what ever it is called.)


Custom Bonnet
Maybe a body kit of some kind
Backbox only

probably a £100+ head unit
6x9's (£40ish)

Hmmm at the moment that seems like all of it - also note that I shall be having a good alarm fitted by a pro!

So any quotes from you guys? Come on, I want to see some figures! £££ :worship:

lazy or not your going to have to phone round(we all had to learn ;)

im telling you right now you may not even get cover and the figures involved are going to be big.do a search on the thread with the biggest increase for alloys.
i cant believe im recommending it but max power(really should be a swear word)have a lot of high risk insurers in their ad section.

if the accident was 100% not your fault then you should be finebut must still declare it.
personally i would leave the mods till you have 1 years NCD ,oh and a full licence of course :p

edit:also other peoples quotes mean nothing unless they live on your street,do your job,do the same mileage etc etc
I had an accident on my scooter, which was a split fault, however all your insurance ncb, if any, do not count when purchasing car insurance, at least thats what ive found in my experience.

Adrian flux seems to be many peoples choice, however I would also be prepared to get ass raped when insuring your car, at your age, with all those mods. Hope youve started saving (y)
Hmmm - sounds like it is going to cost a bomb as I was expecting -
Well I know that roughly my insurance, no mods, will cost me a good £1500 a year. So i'm guessing I will be forking out a good £2000+.

I might just not declare the ICE and just go with declaring the wheels only, because in all honestly I will be changing my sound system all the time...

No savings no - but i'm earning £1000 a month at the moment, and at 16 that isn't bad at all!
I would not worry to much about your ICE as I have not been able to find a policy that would cover all my set up. Most policies seem to have a build in cover for sound systems. So do not seem to effect cost of the policy.

All I can say is from my mates view with a 1.4l Finesse (I think) Petrol Fiesta. Declared with Cat1 Alarm System, and on Driveway every night (when not driving of course) with the only mods being aftermarket Alloy Wheels and a Sub (which everyone just seems to cover you for up to £200 ICE anyway whether you've declared anything or not) he's paying £2500, and that was by far the cheapest he found after 2 weeks of ringing round. They said it would go down by about £400 if it weren't for the alloys.

Also, take your Pass Plus, I'll be taking this soon, can knock up to 25% off your policy depending on who your with! Will save me about £350 and will only take £150 to take.
im 17.. i paid 1 grand for my insurance, with no external mods.. just sub and amp.
from your signature it dosent look like your car has any mods atm! Go for the sound system most insurers cover you for at least £500 and that include in the standard price of the policy, mine covers me up too £1500! Also make sure you do your pass plus, like peeps have sed it only £150 and ull gain from it till your about 21-25!! I'd go full comp for peace of mind though? also save all the money you was going to spend on modifications and buy a new car, i also found my 1st car being a 55s punto, with alloys lowering and exhaust system i was paying alot then swaped to a 2000reg punto mk2 1.2 with alloys, etc and my premium when down! thats was only in a 6months or so of passing!
Well, as I need to fit all my gear in (play in a band) and also need to transport people, I've gone for the Doblo. When I do get one I'll be paying about £2000 for my first year of insurance... OUCH :bang: so I guess most of you are better off than me :) lol :eek:

55sx punto. MK1

500£ worth incar audio

(was a lucky deal) was supposed to be 1.5k+ and when it came to last minute. "oh wait, it just went down, that was weird" haha :D
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