Technical 16v thermostat replacement


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Jul 18, 2009
Fan stopped cutting in and she started getting a bit hot so checked lower rad hose - cold. Top hose hot so thermostat was stuck.

Removed stat and was going to smack it thru - always open but decided to buy new.

Local Motorfactors "never made a 16v teeepo mate, not on the system mate, oh j plate - didnt know they made em after 1990 mate - 15 mins later after many books ermmm - ere we go - 16 v tipo oh must be a import mate, anyway ooooooooh thats interesting


£95 plus vat mate - 3 - 4 days wait deposit now please.

Goodbye i said.

Called lloyds and another 20 minute phone call lots of shuffling, errms and ahhhhhhs and hmmmmmmms later apparantly its £7.50.

You sure mate?

Oh yes, Tipo 16v, £7.50.

No its more than that - thats the wrong one i think mate. . .

ok let me check

10 mins later (total call time 30 mins)

Ok mate, 3 listed , 2 are £75 each another variant is £100

bring yer old one and we can match em up.


Final call to Alfarama in Harrow. 0208 951 4100

After giving chassis number to Parrish in parts department and 3 mins later. . .

£50 all in.


Collect tommorow afternoon.