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General 105 JTD - lack of power


Nobody's fault but mine
Mar 28, 2006
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, just got myself a 2000 model Weekend with the JTD105 engine. I'm delighted with the car in general, everything seems to work as it should, the cambelt was changed prior to me collecting so that's one less worry. Having looked through this forum I'm beginning to wonder what I've let myself in for taking this car on!:eek:
A couple of things I need advice on though please;

Seems to be a lack of expected power on acceleration as the revs reach the 3000 region, as if it wants to but can't (if that makes any sense?)

The under-engine tray is missing (only found out it should have one by reading articles on this site) is this important?

Does anyone know how to replace a bulb in the front reading/cabin light?

Great to see this camaraderie between fellow owners, bit like the Dunkirk Spirit though (and that's what slightly worries me!!!)
Thanx for any ideas on the above(y) (y)
As for cabin light - if its the same as mine its as easy as pie.. Undo 2 screws, pull down and unclip the creme reflector.


Thanks for that info Hellcat, it looks like this MAF thing could be the problem. I'll have a go at cleaning it, tried disconnecting it but made little (if any) difference.
I'm getting used to the car now, I think it's heavier than previous cars I've owned, it could be this which also makes it feel a bit slower than I expected .:eek:

P.S Changed the bulb ok - thanx
yeah..try the MAF first and then EGC valve. make sure the EGC valve is playing and not always jammed open.

when i first get my JTD105, it was very very slow. after cleaning the MAF, the rev just become lifely and easily over 4000RPM in 1-2-3-4 gears.

let us know after cleaning the MAF.
yeah i have the same issue with my brava at the min its got the 105 1.9 jtd and perforums poorly to say the least, had hellcat clean it inproved slightly on the flat but put any sort of incline in and the power just dropped right off, however i have this covered on my polcy when i bough the car so just going to take it back and get the garage to fix it - its definatly the MAF sensor as disconnected it and the difference was immadiate and was driving a different car
my jtd 130 seemed slow to me , when i had to free of the gear-linkages under the bonnet i found out why. some b'stard had cut the wires to the airflow meter (mass airflow meter) because it had given up the ghost:bang: . i re-soldered and sealed the joins and plugged it back in and tried the car hoping it would be better than before. it was far worse:( . i tried cleaning it but seemed to make little difference so i fitted a new one, what a difference(y) unreal how much difference one sensor can make:D now it really isn't that much slower than my previous car (lancia dedra 2000 turbo):D well worth trying it(y)