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General 100hp Mats?


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Sep 2, 2007
Dealer said he'd get 100hp mats in the car, just noticed that they say 'panda'. Are there ones that actually say 100hp or has he give me the wrong ones/talking cobblers?
I reckon hes talking cobblers. I ordered some mats from my local dealer and they never said anything about any 100hp ones, just the tailored panda ones. Also the fiat website says nothing about them either. I quite like them though, just wish panda was embroidered in red!
Std 'Panda' logo'd mats here too.

Why are there no fixings in the carpet to go through the holes in the drivers' mat?
i was thinking the same thing. the instructions clearly show them being fixed down, but to what?
No such thing as 100HP mats. Standard 'Panda' mats with text on driver's side.
Std 'Panda' logo'd mats here too.

Why are there no fixings in the carpet to go through the holes in the drivers' mat?

If you actually look at the fixings that come with them you'll see they screw into the carpet and then the mat clips through holes in the mat, works very well once they're in.
Yep I had to screw mine in to the carpet too.
100HP mats where to be made but Fiat either didnt make enough or didnt bother as my dealer knew about them but was un-able to get a set before Fiat said they were discontinued

How much are the mats for the Panda out of interest? Forgot to ask when we ordered the car.
£20? Excellent, will order some of those for pick up day then.

As far as I can remember the GTI ones for my Lupo were over £50, but they came as standard.
I have some excellent mats in my 100hp made by a well-known company called autostyle. They are easily found on the web or in the back of car magazines. I e-mailed the 100hp logo to them and they embroidered it into the footmats on each side below the (optional) heel pads. If you call them they may still have it on their computer records?

Mine are black with grey binding but you could choose any colours you like to complement your panda.

Sorry, I can't recall the exact price, it was somewhere around the 75pound region for a set of four mats. Check on the web-site..

They are good quality, better than most dealer supplied mats I have seen. I have used this firm before on many occasions and never been disappointed.
Considering the price and quality, I was impressed with the Fiat mats when I got them and after six months of frenetic pedalling I'm even more impressed because there are no signs of wear whatsoever.
The Sporting has the word "Sporting" embroidered on the mats.
You could always have ones with "Panda" on, after all, it is a Panda! (Even if 100hp owners don't want to admit it ;))
The fiat mats are of very good quality. £27 inc VAT and they look the part as well matching the interior very well. And ive no problem admitting my 100hp is a panda.....the rest of the world hates admitting it though when i go burning off round the bends leaving them for dust! :p